Auto-Detect Package Tracking

After clicking on the “Track” button on the above, you will be directed to the tracking result page.

Lesotho Post Tracking

Track your Fedex Package to know the shipment status of the item.

How to Track Lesotho Post by Tracking Number?

Directly enter your Lesotho Post Tracking number and know your shipment status Information such as received, Transit, Out for Delivery and Delivered of your item.

Package Tracking Immense progress of the Internet makes everything accessible via online. You can buy A-Z online and viceversa sell anything that you want, and get all location information by your fingertip. So, this immeasurable increase of internet growth creates a big space for the accurate and on-demand courier service. So it is inevitable for sustaining any online business and makes for a fulfilling shopping experience without a package tracking system.

What does package tracking mean?

Simply, package or courier tracking software gives the all dynamics of the package delivery information on a real time basis. It gives the combined solution for both ends i.e buyer and seller to get updated information of their package, also increase the efficiency and productivity of the products.
As a customer, package or courier tracking software not only provides the transparency of delivery, it makes an easy path for better communication by providing accurate date and time of delivery with delivery person contact number. It is one of the major reasons for customer delight and makes more loyal customers to get repeat purchase and increased revenue.
Package tracking is the combination of route optimization, access to the package’s data in order to get the delivery details, whereabouts of the package and real time delivery alerts. Package or courier tracking system generates a unique tracking number for every package, which is used in the entire delivery period. Because of that tracking number there are millions of packages that are successfully delivered without any delay all over the world.

How does package tracking software work?

A successful delivery of a package is followed by various steps,
i) Overall process starts with generation of a unique tracking number for every package or courier received by the courier or package delivering agency or company from any product seller during the overall delivery period.
ii) The ten digit unique tracking number also called AWB number(Airway bill) in which all details of the customers and seller details has been stored with a barcode and that unique tracking number, just a one scan can show and update the all details.
iii) Barcode makes it easy to fetch all information about the order and make successful delivery in a single scan. Once the package received by the courier agency sticks the shipping label which contains that barcode and delivering address, when that package leaves from the seller’s location courier agency it’ll be updated as your product has been pick-uped by specifying that agency name for the customer or buyers.
iv) There are millions of deliveries that are carried out on a daily basis, according to the customer order that has gone through several miles of distance without any fault or delay, once it reaches the nearby package or courier agency to the buyer’s location. There the package has been again rescanned in order to get the details and update the package location and also inform the estimated delivery date and time more accurately.
v) Once the package leaves from the buyer’s package transit agency, its status is updated as “ package or order out for delivery”, along with the delivery person contact number. Sometimes OTP also sends to the buyer’s contact number to ensure the secure delivery to the right person. It will be confirmed by the delivery person while handing our product.
vi) once your product or package is received in your hand with confirming correct OTP the status of your order track has been updated as package or order delivered successfully.
vi) Buyer’s side the tracking number works done in this step but in sellers side it has one more process, some case they have to make some replacement for same buyers, in this situation sellers use that tracking number to get all the information of the previous order and then make new tracking number for that replacement product or package.

Why do we need to use package tracking software?

  • Package tracking software creates a trust, their package will be delivered safely without any faults. Even if it’s late they can track the location and let them know the reason for late delivery.
  • Package tracking system will make more efficient ecommerce shopping experience and also enable more volume of customers demand. 
  • Because of these package tracking now you can communicate with your delivery partner when you need to change delivery time or else you’re out of station, ask them to hand over the package to any other person with our permission. 
  • Without an effective tracking system there is no possible way to deliver millions of packages on a daily basis without fail in a short period.

How to track your package by using our trackmypkgs tool?

  • Among the several package tracking tools on the internet, our trackmypkgs tool provides you very accurate and efficient information of your package compared to all. 
  • You needn’t give any personal or order details for tracking rather than your order tracking number, our tool will ask you only an order tracking number to fetch all information of your package in a single click.
  • There is no any kind of registration or sign in needed to use our tool, you can use it on a regular basis without paying any cost. Yah! It’s totally free without any usage limitations. 
  • One can just enter the tracking number of their order after finding our site, you’ll get all the information like whereabouts and estimated delivery date and time of package delivered will be updated accurately.